DMD is Development DMD develops avantgarde design products for the interior together with designers from all over the world. DMD chooses for a concept and develops this concept into a product ready for production.
DMD is Manufacturing The production is organized by DMD with designers, suppliers and manufacturers who are regarded as specialists. DMD checks and translates the concept into assignments for suppliers and producers who are regarded as specialists. The various parts are assembled and packed for stocking at DMD.
DMD is Distribution Sales are organized worldwide. In general DMD delivers to at least 20 countries. In every country DMD has a contact, participating in the distribution of the DMD concept as a whole. Marketing and logistics are controlled by DMD.

DMD is an editor of products. Concentrating on products in a network of designers, suppliers and production sources, DMD organizes the proces from idea to available product. DMD is operating in the international avantgarde market for interior products focussing on innovative concepts. Besides a large number of outstanding products from the Droog Design collection, DMD produces and distributes a range of original products, showing a new design mentality, which has come through internationally: clear, original concepts, carried out in an unpolished simplicity, often revealing a subtle non-design. DMD has a strong relation with the foundation Droog Design. Both were founded in 1993 with different goals, but in the same avantgarde design segment. The foundation concentrates on a certain mentality in design and seeks ocassions to promote this mentality. The foundation follows several procedures to succeed in this area. By collecting ideas and concepts from young designers for a certain theme. By initiating projects matching time and place. By art directing projects for companies that are looking for an advanced approach in product, marketing or sales. DMD felt the same niche in design products in 1993. The goal of DMD is to make renewing ideas and concepts available to the public as usable products with a touch of fun, surprising use of materials, new shapes and unexpected textures. From 1993 to 1996 DMD introduced among other products about 20 products taken from projects initiated by Droog Design. 85 Lamps, Milkbottlelamp, Salad Sunrise, Soft Vase, Soft Lamp, and Letterscale ‘Archimedes’ represent the first phase of Droog Design. In 1997 the bathroom project was initiated by Droog Design and DMD. Function Tiles, Floortiles, Soft Washbowl, and Laundry Basket are in production since 1998. In 1999 DMD introduced several new products. The B-set, Table Cloth with Bowl, Optic Glasses and Children’s Chair ‘Bronto’ are developed from the project ‘The Invetable Ornament’ initiated by the foundation Droog Design during Furniture Fair Milano 1998. Now DMD is developing concepts from the presentation 1999 in Milano.